God who is rich in mercy and grace has led you this far. That same God is going to take you to great heights beyond your wildest imaginations. So we welcome you to your next level. As you browse through our website don’t forget to take advantage of the various resources available for your spiritual enrichment. Don’t forget to connect on social media and invite your friends and family to be blessed too. Have fun! Bishop Richard


Redemption Medical Centre

As a way of reaching out to those that are sick without much help, the Lord led us to opening up redemption medical centers in different communities across Uganda. This vision was launched at the first medical center in Mbiko, Jinja Uganda. The launch of this facility was such a success, attracting, dignitaries as far as the speaker of the Parliament.

Redemption City Church

Redemption is busy with evangelistic crusades, church planting, Bible schools, primary schools, water drilling, and orphan care. This scope of ministry is made possible by the grace of God and the financial support of our friends and partners. By becoming a partner, you make it possible for us to reach out to those that need the Love of God in a more practical manner.

Redemption Child Care

The world all over is plagued with children with no fathers to guide and mothers to raise. At Redemption, we have been divinely tasked to redeem such from streets, drugs, prostitution and all kinds of bondage. Lets join hands today as we build the next God fearing, spirit filled generation for Christ

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