Daily Devotion

Redemption City Church

Hello there,

I trust that this Jesus has kept you safe and sound. Looking at 2017 in retrospect, God has been better to us than we can possibly articulate. We have seen such a tremendous growth in the ministry finances, souls won, and projects in general. To whom or what can we attribute our success but God the creator of all who also sent us and has made us able ministers. I’d like to point out however that your taking part in what God is doing in Redemption ministries facilitated progress to extents that we couldn’t reach without you. This is why I personally thank you for your generosity to us and obedience to God who is both our father and boss.

2017 therefore has set the precedence for greater heights. We will continue to soar even higher than our dreams as God carries us. You and us joined together will accomplish more than we could singly. The theme God set on our heart this year is “UNLEASHED”. Watch and see how God will begin to unleash all the potency locked up in you in Jesus name. God has kept you for such a time as this, so that He can UNLEASH you to the world so as to continue the work that He started in you. Jump on the wagon, the ship has left the dock.

Yours in service

Bishop Richard.


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