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Blessed beyond any curse

For one reason or another, Christians have been led to believe they are cursed. I have come across many cruse theories and some are just pathetic. One of the oldest, claims all dark skinned people where cursed by Noah to be slaves as punishment of Ham’s sin. Obviously slave masters are the ones that propagate such outrageous claims. Genesis 9:18-27 the supposed basis for this claim tells of the cursing of Canaan not Ham the culprit. So if Ham is not cursed there, it is outrageous to claim so. Noah is nursing a hangover and curses his grandson when he hears what his son has done. We all know when people get drunk they tend to curse. Such words have no sticking power. A curse undeserved doesn’t hold. Most people can’t even remember what they said or did when drunk. God holds every one accountable for their own actions. An entire race of millions of people can’t be eternally doomed because of a single mistake committed by one young man. Every individual is given the grace of God and it’s up to them to receive or reject that grace. Furthermore, in Christ Jesus, we are totally liberated from the bondage of the past and set free to live a life of victory today. No generational curse can hold you back from the blessings of God in Christ Jesus.

For if, through one man, death ruled because of that man’s offense, how much more will those who receive such overflowing grace and the gift of righteousness rule in life because of one man, Jesus the Messiah! Consequently, just as one offense resulted in condemnation for everyone, so one act of righteousness results in justification and life for everyone. For just as through one man’s disobedience many people were made sinners, so also through one man’s obedience many people will be made righteous.

Dear God, I believe as your word says that in Christ Jesus I am a new creature. Old things are passed away and everything is very new. I believe there is no curse in my life. I am blessed beyond a curse in Jesus’ name. Amen

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