Daily Devotion

Its only a matter of time

Rome was not built in a day. The giant tree is not grown in a year. It is only a matter of time. This dotcom generation with all its blessing is slowing losing the wisdom of applying time. We want everything now. Many get discouraged when they don’t make quick progress but, it’s only a matter of time. The beautiful baby must bake and develop in mummy’ tummy for nine months. And when they are born, slowly grow and learn all they need in life. It takes them about a year before they can even take their first baby step. But the wilder beast starts running five minutes after its birth, and must keep running all its life. The realm of God takes time. God is not in a hurry. He works with time. So don’t be caught up in the rat race or the wilder beast race, cause you are not a rat. Its only a matter of time and you will get there.

But when the fullness of the time was come, God sent forth his Son, made of a woman, made under the law

Dear God, give me an understanding of time and how you work through time. May my eyes have sight and proper perspective in life. Let see how it takes time. May I also see the fulfilment of your promises in due time. Give me grace to behold in Jesus’ name. Amen

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