Daily Devotion

All the way

We all know someone who does a little of this and little bit of that, but not well enough to make a difference. They scratch the surface here and there but they really don’t make a dent. They get started but never make it all the way as they get distracted along the way. The prize is never for starting. You have to go all the way. Don’t expected to be greatly reward for simply starting you have to persist all the way. The glorious victory is reserved for those who make it to the finish line. Talking to people, you learn that almost everyone has started something. But if you talk to them long enough you discover that they didn’t stay with it all the way. The sweat joy of victory comes to those who go all the way. So don’t just start but go all the way. Don’t be sidelined along the way. Don’t change priorities before your victory. Go all the way to the altar, to the boardroom, the head office, and the peak of your profession. Half way will not do it. Go all the way.

But take diligent heed to do the commandment and the law, which Moses the servant of the LORD charged you, to love the LORD your God, and to walk in all his ways, and to keep his commandments, and to cleave unto him, and to serve him with all your heart and with all your soul.

Dear God, I give you my heart and soul. To love and serve you all the way. Give me the attitude of going all the way in all that I do. May I not be side-tracked along the way. Give me the resilience to persist in Jesus’ name. Amen

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