Daily Devotion

What can you sell?

Money is given in exchange for something. A service, a product, a skill or even a relationship. Money is a mode of exchange. We give something to get some of it. Getting more money is as simple as having more to offer in exchange of the money. If your one cattle is worth so much, you can double the money by doubling the number of cattle. So increasing the money you have means increasing what you give in exchange of that money. You have to increase numbers, value or even items in order to increase the money you get. Those that have no money have nothing to offer or sell in order to get money. What are you selling today? What do you have on offer today? You will be paid the value of what you have to offer. Don’t just settle selling that one item you have. Increase what you are selling. Sell your skills as a doctor and you will be paid accordingly. Those that are broke have nothing to sell. Find something to sell. Increase what you sell. Market what you sell and money will be within your grasp. The widow was in financial trouble until she got something to sell. What are you selling today?

SCRIPTURE READING: 2 KINGS 4:1-7Now there happened to be a certain woman who had been the wife of a member of the Guild of Prophets. She cried out to Elisha, “My husband who served you has died, and you know that your servant feared the LORD. But a creditor has come to take away my children into indentured servitude!” Elisha responded, “What shall I do for you? Tell me what you have in your house?” She replied, “Your servant has nothing in the entire house except for a flask of oil.” He told her, “Go out to all of your neighbors in the surrounding streets and borrow lots of pots from them. Don’t get just a few empty vessels, either. Then go in and shut the door behind you, taking only your children, and pour oil into all of the pots. As each one is filled, set it aside.” So she left Elisha, shut the door behind her and her children, and while they kept on bringing vessels to her, she kept on pouring oil. When the last of the vessels had been filled, she told her son, “Bring me another pot!” But he replied, “There isn’t even one pot left.” Then the oil stopped flowing. After this, she went and told the man of God what had happened. So he said, “Go sell the oil, pay your debt, and you and your children will be able to live on the proceeds.” 


Dear God, open my eyes and my heart to see those things that I can transact for money in my life. Let me see that special something that you will bless in my hands so I can prosper and flourish. In Jesus’ name. Amen

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