Daily Devotion

Work What You Have

I have come across many who have talents and abilities yet they struggle in life simply because they have not put what they have to work for them. It’s one thing to have a farm and a totally different one to work that farm. Many have skills, qualifications, connections and promises yet they fail to put them to work. You still need to do your homework and work your destiny. You are not going to be paid for looking the part without doing the deed. You must go out of your way to do your due diligence and work your calling into fulfillment. It’s not enough to have what it takes. A time comes when you must go beyond talking the talk to walking the walk. You can sing about your swimming abilities and even write books on how to stay afloat. But all that is of no value till you jump into the water and swim. So today you must work your abilities and call. Today you must do your thing in order to see the blessing you desire. Money is coming your way as a result of you working what God has given you the grace and ability to work.


But remember the LORD your God, because he is the one who gives you the ability to produce wealth, in order to confirm the covenant that he promised by an oath to your ancestors, as is the case today. 



Dear God, thank you for your grace and blessings in my life. Grant me the grace to make wealth and produce results in all my doings. May I work what you have given me to the fullness thereof. May I increase and superabound for your glory in Jesus’ name. Amen

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