Daily Devotion

Multiple Sources Of Income

A key principle that many millionaires have employed over the years, is setting up multiple sources of income. Every income stream has its limits and possibilities. You can go so far with each opportunity. There comes a time when what you need is not going to come through your one limited source of income. The demands you have, sometimes outgrow your one income source. That is when you must diversify and create another source of income. If you have a job, you may need to set up a side business. You need to creatively go beyond that one income source and set up several others so you can increase your financial stability. Every industry has challenges and limitations. You may have to invest in diverse industries so you can absorb the challenges of that particular industry. Most true wealthy individuals have interests ranging from real estate to stocks and bonds, accommodation, education, technology, communications, and farming.  I am talking about a diversity of investments that bring multiple sources of income for you. Refuse to place all your eggs in one basket. You should actually go beyond the eggs in many baskets to cattle on many hills and fish in many ponds. You are only limited by your dreams, vision, and imagination. Expand the horizon. Beat a new path where no one has been. Multiply your sources of income. Isaac in Genesis was such a man. He had multiple sources of income. The financial limitations you see in your current situation should spur you on to increase your sources of income, so you can support the lifestyle you desire.

SCRIPTURE READING: GENESIS 26:12-14 Isaac received a 100-fold return on what he planted that year in the land he received, because the LORD blessed him. He became very wealthy and lived a life of wealth, becoming more and more wealthy. He owned so many sheep, cattle, and servants that the Philistines eventually became envious of him. 


Dear God, the earth and everything in it are yours. Open my heart and mind to the possibilities. I refuse to see the dead ends around me. I demand to see more possibilities arising from me. Grant me grace for multiple sources of income in Jesus’ name. Amen


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