Daily Devotion


Financial wisdom is paramount to making, keeping and growing your money.  Wise financial decisions underlie the financial prosperity of many. Stupidity will drain the wealth of generations in a matter of years. I have seen young men squander generational wealth in months. One bad financial decision can sink you forever. One good financial decision can set you up forever. Therefore financial wisdom must be sought and employed. You must apply wisdom to keep and increase your money over time. The little you have can give you what you don’t have. But it takes wisdom.Now wisdom doesn’t always appear to be right. The wise are not popular nor do they have many friends. Wisdom is also not comfortable or immediately gratifying. A wise decision may come with immediate pain. You may even have to wait a decade or two before you enjoy the fruit of your wisdom. Wisdom must be sought. Get out of your way to acquire wisdom. Look outside your circles and area of familiarity to glean wisdom. Apply yourself to that wisdom every day. And you will not be numbered among the lazy, idle, slackers who get nowhere in life.

SCRIPTURE READING: PROVERBS 14:24 The crown of the wise is their wealth, but the stupidity of fools is just that—stupidity! 


Dear God, thank you for life and the opportunities you bring my way today. Grant me financial wisdom that I may acquire, maintain and increase the money you bring my way. Crown my life with wealth for your glory. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


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