Daily Devotion


Human nature doesn’t want to wait. We want whatever we want right now. Yet when it comes to money matters, you will need frugality, self-control, and patience. The need to spend quickly has caused many troubles. We borrow because we can’t wait. We spend beyond our means because we must have it now. So much wealth is spent on things that are not necessary. Many borrow money they don’t have to please people that don’t care about them. Refuse to live beyond your means. Refuse to please total strangers who don’t even notice. Account for every dime and stretch every dollar. Refuse to make financial decisions that please people who have no idea what your financial plan is. Hold onto your hard earned cash for as long as possible.

The story is told of Bill Gates eating at a restaurant and giving an ordinary tip. The waiter was disappointed that the world’s richest man was an average tipper. She quickly told him how his son tipped far better than him. His response was, “my son has a billionaire for a father. But I had to work for every penny I have.” Making money means you have to be frugal and sparing in your expenditure. Don’t waste your hard earned cash on things you can do without. Keep your money for as long as possible and don’t be the fool that spends it as fast as it comes.

SCRIPTURE READING: PROVERBS 21:20 Wise people live in wealth and luxury, but stupid people spend their money as fast as they get it.


Dear God, thank you for your provision. Grant me self-control and frugality to manage your blessings. I have the discipline to refuse the quick fix immediate gratification attitude. May I understand that I can increase wealth by spending wisely. In Jesus’ name. Amen

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