Daily Devotion

Basics Of Saving

Life has diverse seasons. Day and night. Summer and winter. Seedtime and harvest time. It’s wrong to think that you will always have harvest time without end. Your savings are money put aside for those moments when you have to wait for the next harvest. There are times of famine and difficulty when business is not going on as usual. There are changes in the economic dynamics like when the cost of living goes up while the income stays stagnant. Don’t just consume everything. Put something aside that will take you through the lean season that may come.

Savings do stack up over time. The big things you want to do become possible as you save little by little.  Challenging times don’t throw you off balance when you save for the future. Make a habit to save at least 20% of your income and you will be commanding some good money. The truth is, every dime you save is your money at your disposal anytime. So postpone the gratifications you so eagerly desire so you can do substantial things with your money.

SCRIPTURE READING GENESIS 41:33-36 Therefore let Pharaoh select a wise, discerning person to place in charge over the land of Egypt. Also, let Pharaoh immediately proceed to appoint supervisors over the land of Egypt, who will collect one-fifth of its agricultural production during the coming seven years of abundance. “Let them collect all the food during the coming fruitful years, store up the grain in cities governed by Pharaoh’s authority, and place it under guard. Let the food be kept in reserve to feed the land for the seven years of famine that will occur throughout Egypt, so the people don’t die during the famine.” 

DEDICATION PRAYER Dear God, open my eyes to understand the principle of saving. May I not just consume everything I get but rather may I sow some of it and save some of it. Give me the foresight, the self-control and the discipline to save on a regular basis. In Jesus’ name. Amen

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