Daily Devotion

Basics Of Investment

It is one thing for you to work for money and a totally different thing for your money to work for you. Most people get up and work for money. They work hard and put in the time to make money. If they don’t show up they don’t make any money. Then there are those that are making money while they sleep, or walk the beach on vacation. Those are they whose money is working for them. Put your money into something that will make you money whether you are there or not.

Real estate, stocks, and bonds, shareholding and farming are all areas of investment. When you put your money in a vehicle, it begins to depreciate as soon as you buy it.  Your money in a house begins to appreciate as soon as you buy it. Refuse to spend your hard earned cash on things that will reduce in value with time. Delicately place your money where it will make you more money with time.

SCRIPTURE READING PROVERBS 31:10-16 Who can find a capable wife? Her value far exceeds the finest jewels. Her husband has full confidence in her; as a result, he lacks nothing of value. She will bring good to him—never evil—every day of her life. She seeks out wool and flax, working with eager hands. She is like a seagoing ship that brings her food from far away. She rises while it is still night, preparing meals for her family and providing for her women servants. She evaluates a field and purchases it; from the proceeds she plants a vineyard. 


DEDICATION PRAYER Dear Jesus, give me an eternal perspective to wealth and investments. May I not be a waster but and investor. Grant me wisdom to go beyond putting my resources on temporal things that don’t gain value to things that will ever increase in value. Give me a generational mindset to wealth and life In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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