Daily Devotion

Living To Impress

Many times we make financial decisions fueled by the ambition to impress others. We get into debt just to be noticed. We live beyond our means in an effort to stand out or even fit into the crowd. We buy things we don’t need with money we don’t have, to impress people who don’t care. That makes for a bad financial habit. We move into a certain house, drive a certain car and dress a certain way to be noticed by certain individuals. We feel like something is missing if we don’t show that we are up to standard. We want to have the latest phone just to be part of the club. Living to impress is hard, painful and futile. The bright lights and high roller lifestyle is empty at the end of the day.
Make financial decisions based on your ability, your needs and your future vision. Live within your means even if it means your peers ridicule you. Refuse to get into unnecessary debt just to keep up with the Jones. Impress yourself, your pocket and your future by spending your hard earned cash on things that really matter instead of trying to make an impression. Besides, with the changing dynamics of our world, you really can’t truly impress

They might tell you to eat and drink all you want, but they don’t really mean it. They are the kind of people who are only thinking about the cost. 

Dear Jesus, may I live each day to please you and not man. Give me the strength to swim against the tide and stay in the course. Grant me the discipline to ignore the noise all around and follow your spirit at all times In Jesus’ name. Amen

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