Daily Devotion

Committing Yourself As Surety For Others

Family and friends will always need our help just as we need theirs. But it is a bad financial habit to give yourself or your assets as surety for others. They will come to you with the best story in the worst situation pointing to you as the only solution. They will promise to pay back in a few days, sometimes with interest, sincere,good-intention and with a full-proof plan. But it’s just wrong for you to become surety for others. Give them what you have and what you can afford to lose. Don’t raise your hopes high because chances are you will be disappointed.
I will never forget the time a brother convinced me to give them my vehicle as a surety for a payday loan. I signed the paperwork as the guarantor for a loan that would be paid in a few days. I woke up to reality when the vehicle was impounded. Luckily my lawyer was able to redeem the situation before the auctioneer’s hammer was slammed. I, therefore, don’t sign up as surety for anyone. I will pray for you. Will bless you where I can, but I will not put up collateral or give you loans I can’t afford. If you insist I refer you to Proverbs 22:26-27

Don’t be one of those who make promises to guarantee loans for debts. If you don’t have the ability to pay, why should your very bed be taken from under you? 

Dear Jesus, give me wisdom in every situation of life. May I obey your word even when conventional wisdom says otherwise. May I have the common sense to say no in situations I must reject. May I resist the temptation to appease others as your word stipulates. In Jesus’ name. Amen

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