Daily Devotion

Seeking Luxuries

We all love the best in life. Luxuries are sweet, enjoyable and pristine. The most expensive many times may be the best. But it is a bad habit to seek luxuries at every turn. Luxuries and the best will cost you significantly more than the rest. Just because you have the most expensive doesn’t mean you are the best. Eating like a king doesn’t make you the king. Of course, every man is a king in his own castle. But the king doesn’t need a castle to be king. A taste for luxuries will lead you on a wasteful journey that will not give you value for money. The best bang for your buck may mean back tracking on all the bling. Seeking luxuries is a bad habit that will leave you broke.
Find cheaper alternatives. Do you have a similar product that would cost less? Do you really need that luxurious item? Yes, you occasionally need to reward yourself with the best but how about keeping your hard earned cash for yourself? Learn to find satisfaction in the simple. The cheaper options work as good as the expensive best. Your life will not end if you don’t get that luxury.

Loving pleasure leads to poverty. Wine and luxury will never make you wealthy.

Dear God, Thank you for the blessings you grant me in life. May I enjoy them within your limits. May I not be a pleasure seeker. Teach me to resist pleasures and to seek your will and what is right for me. May I not be motivated by what is best but the best thing to do in every situation. In Jesus’ name. Amen

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