Daily Devotion

Chasing fantasies

In every generation, we see a set of fantasies that captivate the imagination of many. Ours has seen a plethora of get-rich-quickly ideas that are mostly a glorious shenanigan. I am talking about elaborate cons that promise the world and deliver nothing. It is a bad habit to try making lots of money in a very short time. Investments that promise unrealistic returns in a short period are fantasies. If it sounds too good to be true then it just might be too good to be true. Easy quick money is hard to come by. Millions have lost millions on fantasies.
Sports betting, gambling, online trading, mining crypto-currencies and multilevel marketing are some popular fantasies in our times. Yes, there are people who have made it large in these ventures. But behind every single individual that has made a fortune in these ventures, are millions of individuals who have lost everything they have. Human nature desires quick money so these cons prey on that basic instinct to fleece millions out of millions. Get your hands into solid ventures and investments you can control, affect and determine. Come out of the clouds and get into the reality of where you are so you can make good money.

Whoever works his farmland will have abundant food, but whoever chases fantasies will become very poor.

Dear God, grant me the discernment to look through the smoke screens all around me and see things for what they truly are. May I not be impressed by the brilliant ideas floated by many. Give me the patience, discipline, and grace to make wealth that will last. Take me step by step from glory to glory in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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