Daily Devotion


The fact that couples have a shared destiny makes it hard for one party to do something with great success if the other party is not involved. Talking about family finance this week, I want to encourage you to save together. The culture of consuming all as soon as we get it is not only wrong but also very costly. Families that don’t save today are setting themselves up for trouble tomorrow. But it is very hard for you to save when your spouse wants to spend. So let’s agree to postpone some gratifications so we can save together. Wives can find ways to cut back on the weekly budgets so you can put some money on the side. Husbands can also find ways to reduce on the recurring costs. Happiness is not found in how much you spend. Removing all limits on expenditure will not make you happier. Together you can find those things you can do without. You don’t always have to spend so much. You can creatively reduce your costs without necessarily reducing your quality of life. Have a regular brain storm session where you talk about the things you spend on and how you can reduce that outflow of your hard earned cash.
You can get extra motivation for your savings if you have a particular target for your savings. Look at buying a new home or saving for your children’s education or even for a business investment. Look at the objective as the price for whatever you will have to forfeit. What kind of financial liberty and capability do you want ten years from now? What kind of money is it going to take to get there? Now where can you tighten in order to save the money that you need? I believe you will achieve so much more if you can work together to achieve that saving. The bite tends to lose its sting if everyone involved knows why we have to step back on our expenditure. If only one individual appreciates the reasons behind the saving, the other will feel like a hostage. So as a hostage negotiator, allow me to diffuse the tension and liberate you from this nail biting saga, by showing you why you need to save. Saving is you refusing to spend your hard earned cash all at once and putting some aside for the future. Plain and simple.

Wise people live in wealth and luxury, but stupid people spend their money as fast as they get it.

Dear God, grant us the wisdom, desire, discipline and grace to save. May we not just be consumers but savers. Give us creative ways in which we can put money aside for the future. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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