Daily Devotion


The challenges of life today generally mean that most people live hand to mouth. They spend most of their money as soon as they earn it. Married couples can have a better situation as their two incomes make better money than a sense of having to run the house on one income. The two incomes also give you more money to play with, save and invest for your future. I believe we should all grow from the level of having to work for money to the place where money works for you. This is when you have made enough money to put aside in an investment that will soon begin to pay you without you having to work. Couples can easily find creative ways to get that investment money.
Two incomes can easily be managed into savings that can be invested. Evaluate yourselves and find ways to save. Once that has been done, you can now invest your savings into a business, stock, real estate or something like that. The two of you can take turns to do what it takes to attain success. If your wife starts that beauty salon, you can become the accountant doing the books for thirty minutes as you pick her up in the evening. If your husband invests in real estate, you can become the sales person that finds buyers at your work place. It is much easier to get your investment to pay off if the two of you are involved. Now compare that to having to sneak off to the building site your husband hasn’t heard about or keep the papers of your investment hidden from your wife. Business investments require lots of work and your spouse can give you a steady boost every now and then if you invest together.

While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, shall not cease.”

Dear God, thank you for the hidden wisdom and grace. May I see what others don’t see. May I go beyond the ordinary and do the extra ordinary. Grant me the anointing to operate as an investor in Jesus’ name. Amen

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