Daily Devotion


Nothing beats having an appointment with a loved one. Call it a date if you like. A set time to spend quality time with one that stops time and makes your heart stop beating. You go through the day simply waiting for that set time. You work through your schedule in a hurry because you can’t wait to meet your love. God is our ultimate love and His love for you is unmatched. He too would love an appointment with you. A set time every day just between you and God. Put everything aside just for one hour every day for that date with Jesus. Morning, noon or night, the choice is yours. Your life will be totally turned around if you can just make that appointment happen every day.
Having worked hard through the objectives of the day, you see a man run out of the office to catch that date night with their love. They drop everything, ignore everyone and get some quality time with the special lady. How much more should we drop everything and run off to our appointment with God? Forget the challenges, needs and worries. Leave the promises on the table and get that special time to happen at the set time. If you don’t have a set time with God, chances are you will have no time for Him. If you don’t make the appointment, something will whisk you away. That’s why you must have a set time of prayer. Give God time and He will give you the time of a lifetime.

Seek ye Jehovah while he may be found; call ye upon him while he is near:

Dear God, grant me the self-discipline to have a specific time to pray and wait upon you. May I go beyond the chance moments of prayer to the scheduled seasons of waiting upon you. Your grace enables me to do all things so that I may above all have that dedicated time with you every day in Jesus’ Name. Amen

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