Daily Devotion


In my youthful years, I was given to speed on the roads. I enjoyed the thrill of being able to go really fast. I had a Mercedes that went up to 260 KM per hour and it was really frustrating being unable to test that speed limit. So on a good Sunday when the roads were not busy, I had to get to another city for a church service and thought this was the perfect day to test that speed limit. It was a four-hour drive and we made it in just under two. Everyone in the car was so quiet I could hear their teeth grind. We got to the church with two hours to spare because of speed.
There are times you don’t have forever to get the job done. I am talking about having to get the mission accomplished really fast. The elevate anointing is all about acceleration. Getting to your destination quickly. One thing about life on earth is that you are here for a specific time. You, therefore, have to accomplish your mission within that time. You need to sense the urgency in the spirit and accelerate whatever you are doing.
Don’t beat about the bush and skirt the issues. Make haste and redeem the time so you can get that mission accomplished as quickly as possible. I am not talking about being in a hurry but rather refusing to be slack, slow and sloppy with your job. This is the season for you to be fast enough to do in one year what others do in ten. Move quick enough to get there and enjoy your destination for as long as possible. I know the journey can be fun but hey, how about getting there with enough time to enjoy the destination? Accelerate through your growth and training so you can spend more time in your destiny making a difference. Time is collapsing on its self. This is the season for acceleration in Jesus’ Name. You can get there quick. So buckle up! You are SPEED!

The days are coming,” says the Lord, when grain will grow faster than it can be harvested, and grapes will grow faster than the wine can be made. The mountains will drip with sweet wine, and the hills will flow with it.

DEVOTION PRAYER: Dear God, I believe in the acceleration anointing that you have released in this season. I refuse to be slow and slack in what am doing. Father quicken my footsteps and my growth in Jesus’ Name. Amen

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