Daily Devotion


Many times we live in our past and forget about today. We talk about the good old days and reminisce about the past with all its nostalgia never wanting to let it go. We talk about what we did and how it was all so beautiful. Obviously, those that don’t have much of a past have an endless talk about tomorrow and what they are going to do. They perpetually fantasize about their future with such accuracy and ease they don’t want to go live that tomorrow. No doubt it is easier to play out your life in the corridors of your mind that hassling your way through the highways of everyday living. But real life is not what it used to be or what it promises to be. Life is now. When you are done thinking about what you had or want to have, you will eventually have to reckon with your now and live your life in the now.

There is no time like right now. The world we live in is better than ever before. Get out of your past and live in your now. What are the opportunities available today? Where are you going right now? What are you able to do today? There are unlimited opportunities waiting for you today. Yes, the future has many promises but “Now” is pregnant with so many possibilities, ready to burst from the seams. Look around your now and see the chances that are presenting themselves so you can reach out and make them a reality. Kiss your yesterday goodbye and embrace your now. Wave a “see you later” to your tomorrow and enjoy today. Get out of that rock you have been hiding behind and face your now today. Look into your now and say “Lo, I am here! Ready to make the most of my now”


For to him that is joined to all the living there is hope: for a living dog is better than a dead lion.


Dear God, I thank you for I live in my now moment. My latter is greater than my past. Many opportunities are coming my way because I am in my Today. I refuse to move backward because I have purposed to move upward and upward only in Jesus’ Name. Amen

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