Daily Devotion


People like to count. We count our money, children, buildings, successes, failures, challenges, enemies, friends and anything else that can be counted. The human mind is generally disposed to count the negatives more than the positives. We tend to be more aware of what is going wrong than what is going right. Just like bad news sells better than good news. But the things you count are the things you focus on. The things you count are the things you amplify. The things you ignore tend to ignore you too. I am talking about you counting your blessings and victories and nothing else.

Ignore what went wrong and didn’t work according to plan. Look for the blessing of God and the awesome things He has done in your life and count them each day. Start your day by numbering the victories God has given you. Put your attention on those wonderful things the Lord has brought your way. Forget the bad and the ugly: Remember the good and beautiful. Daily number the blessings the Lord has brought your way. You’ll be surprised and encouraged by all the good that the Lord has brought you. The victorious daily number and focus on their victories while they deliberately ignore the negative. Be victorious today!


My gifts are better than gold, even the purest gold, my wages better than sterling silver!

Devotion Prayer: Father thank you for the blessings you’ve poured out into my life. They are better than fine gold and better than sterling silver. I am honoured and humbled by your blessings, Jesus. Amen.

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