Daily Devotion


In the journey of life we are often faced with situations where we have to make a choice whether to trust God and His way of dealing with situations or we are going to take matters into our hands. David the Psalmist was a man who knew the sweetness that comes from trusting in the Lord throughout his journey of life. Before any battle he often inquired of the Lord whether he should go or not and whenever God told him to go victory was assured. That is the way God has intended us to live out our lives.

Our trust should not be in the things of this world because they can turn out to be fleeting vanities. Trusting in God brings a solidness to life because God always shows up to deliver those that trust in Him. God’s faithfulness is always shown in the lives of those that put their trust in Him. It may take a while but when God shows up He does so in style and often it’s worth all the waiting. Have you been going through some rough patches of life, be of good cheer and take heart. Trust God to come through for you and surely He will.

SCRIPTURE READING: Psalms 37:3 Trust in the LORD, and do good; Dwell in the land, and feed on His faithfulness.

DEVOTION PRAYER: Dear God, I ask for wisdom to always trust you and your way of handling life’s issues. Forgive me for where I have chosen to do things my way. Thank you for the leading of your Spirit in Jesus Name Amen

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