Daily Devotion


When we get to critical times, its important for us to have our A game. Just like a team that is held at a tie and one of them gets a golden chance to break the deadlock. Whichever player is present at that point they have to make that moment count. One of such games was that of Germany playing Argentina in 2014 final world cup game. Most spectators had settled for spot kicks with the game having gone into extra time only for a German player by the names of Mario Gotze to change the whole story. Little was known about Mario till this moment that mattered. When the ball was sent his way his control and finish put the ball right into the net of their opponents.

This was spectacular and his team won that specific tournament. Whereas not much was known about Mario before this time, he was known as a professional footballer that plays as an attacking midfielder for a German football club and was part of their national team. What Mario possessed that enabled him make the moment count was speed, technique and dribbling skills. This all can be summarised in one word; virtue. Virtue can be defined as the resolution to get the job done. It also can be described as Christian energy as well as excellence. Virtue has to be developed. Now that we know that this is our season of supernatural harvest, we; like Mario, must bring our A game to the moment. Let us develop our resolve, energy and desire for excellence as we bring in the harvest.

2 Peter 1:5 But also for this very reason, giving all diligence, add to your faith virtue, to virtue knowledge,

Dear Father, Thank you for bringing us to this moment of supernatural harvest. Help us develop the resolve, energy and a spirit of excellence as we bring in the harvest in Jesus Name.

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