Daily Devotion


There are some things that God has put inside you that are tools to make your God given vision a reality. They are things that God will use to open doors for you and to establish you in certain realms. Don’t take them for granted.

Joseph was propelled to his destiny by his gifts of interpretation of dreams and administration. Esther was positioned for greatness because of her beauty and good manners. God anointed these and made her a queen and a deliverer. God knows what He created you to do in life, so he also gave you gifts that will always open doors for you. They are gifts that He has anointed to set you apart. When you use these gifts you will ease the struggle. What is your gift? Business, finance, fashion, technology, food, hospitality, speaking, writing, farming, sports and music? Use it. Develop it. God will anoint that to help you fulfil your God-given vision.

SCRIPTURE READING: Proverbs 18.16 A gift opens the way and ushers the giver into the presence of the great.

DEVOTION PRAYER: Lord help me discover the gifts that you have given me to fulfil the vision for my life. Give me the grace to develop it. Anoint my gift. Open doors for me in Jesus’ name!

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