Daily Devotion


The anointing is God’s ability released on man to do impossible things with supernatural results. Imagine pushing a loaded, one wheeled cart, up a steep hill in the middle of a torrential down pour. Impossible! Now imagine doing the same exercise with a 4×4 vehicle. Or even better imagine scaling the same hill in a helicopter. Beautiful! The comparison is worlds apart. The anointing makes such a difference and more, its worlds apart.

God knows what it takes to get the job done and He gives us whatever it takes in the anointing. The supernatural life is impossible without the anointing. Living at the standards and the levels God has set for us is impossible without the grace of God to get the job done. That is why He clearly told the disciples to wait in Jerusalem until they are endowed with power.

Learn to depend on the anointing of God. Learn to draw on the anointing of God. Wait on your actions and decisions till the anointing is available. Draw on the anointing of God in whatever situation you find yourself. Refuse to do life without the anointing. Follow the anointing that is present instead of doing your own thing. Walking with God is made easy, sweet and beautiful by the anointing. Set out of the ordinary into the supernatural by walking in the anointing.

SCRIPTURE READING: Zechariah 4:6 So he answered and said to me:  ” This is the word of the LORD to Zerubbabel: ‘ Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,’ says the LORD of hosts.

DEVOTION PRAYER: Loving Father, am grateful for your anointing that enables me to do the impossible. I draw on Your power in whatever situation to get the job done. I am living on the standards that You have set for me in Jesus’ name Amen

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