Daily Devotion


Jesus our saviour was born in the humblest circumstances. All the hotels were booked up and the only place they could crash was at this simple farm house. There was no hot water, blankets, towels or bassinet. He was placed not in a crib but a cattle feeding trough and wrapped in old cloths. If I am God and I want my son to be born, I will build an entire city as a seven star experience with the best possible everything. Yet God who owns the cattle on a thousand hills, the hills themselves, the planet and the entire galaxy gave us His best, wrapped in rags. Doesn’t make any sense? The sense is in the reason.

Our perfect God had to come down into our imperfection, so we know that He has been where we are and knows what we are going through. Even more, so He can take us from where we are to where He is. So the circumstances revealed where we are and where He is taking us. Therefore don’t worry about where you are because it is a contrast to where He is taking you. Your circumstances today are a witness and testimony to where you are going. What a story it will be as you tell of where He found you and how He brought you out. You are marching from glory to glory.

SCRIPTURE READING: Romans 8:28-30 We are assured and know that God being a partner in their labor all things work together and are fitting into a plan for good to and for those who love God and are called according to His design and purpose. For those whom He foreknew of whom He was aware and loved beforehand, He also destined from the beginning foreordaining them to be molded into the image of His Son and share inwardly His likeness, that He might become the firstborn among many brethren. And those whom He thus foreordained, He also called; and those whom He called, He also justified (acquitted, made righteous, putting them into right standing with Himself). And those whom He justified, He also glorified raising them to a heavenly dignity and condition or state of being.

DEVOTION PRAYER: Oh Lord, am greatly confident of where you are taking me. It’s with great honor to know that where I am, You have been. I am a witness of Your glory in Jesus’ name.

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