Daily Devotion


Faith believes something that is invisible to the naked eye. By faith Moses walked through the Red Sea with all Israel while the Egyptians who tried to do the same were swallowed by the same sea. I have heard some smart people claim that the Red Sea was only a stream when Israel crossed it. My response was how incredible it was therefore for an entire army with state of the art chariots to drown in the same shallow stream. The trust of the matter is that God had spoken to Israel and commanded them to leave Egypt. By faith they followed all the instructions given by God from the blood on their door posts to the first step into the wilderness. They believed God to show up on their behalf. That is why when Moses stretched forth his rod over the sea, the waters parted because He did so in obedience to God and He expected the power of God. The Egyptian army on the other hand didn’t believe in God. They blindly followed orders from their pharaoh who was a god to them. So when they looked at the walls of water around them, their faith in pharaoh collapsed.

As a child of God, put your faith in God and expect Him to come through for you. Don’t expect things to fail. Expect God to do for you the impossible as you go through the challenges of life. God has a plan for you and you should trust Him to show up in power and sort out whatever you have to deal with. Expect miracles in your mail box, your email and your phone. God is working behind the scene on your behalf. Don’t depend on your ability to make things happen. Trust God and He will show up on your behalf. Expect a miracle today for God is doing something supernatural for you.

SCRIPTURE READING: Hebrews 11:27-30 By faith he forsook Egypt, not fearing the wrath of the king; for he endured as seeing Him who is invisible. By faith he kept the Passover and the sprinkling of blood, lest he who destroyed the firstborn should touch them. By faith they passed through the Red Sea as by dry land, whereas the Egyptians, attempting to do so, were drowned. By faith the walls of Jericho fell down after they were encircled for seven days.

DEVOTION PRAYER: Heavenly Father, teach me to understand the importance of having faith. I’m rest assured that You’re working on my behalf in the mighty name of Jesus’ Amen.

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