Daily Devotion


As a child, our neighborhood had many dogs that caused us all sorts of trouble. I remember this particular dog that barked so hard, the sound would terrify you. Going past that house always took its toll as you had to face this dog. I remember one day when me and my friends found this dog a long way from its home. We obviously decided to show the dog that we were tough boys. With sticks and stones we chased him down the road. When we got to the dogs house, everything changed. That dog stopped running and decided to stand his ground and bring the chase to us. When the dog got to his place, he mentally went into another place and he turned on us.

In the same way there is a spiritual and mental place for the believer. Your place is not just physical but many times it’s spiritual. You can be in the right physical place but you must also get in the right spiritual place. Kingdom prosperity follows as you step into the zone and get into that place where you function with kingdom authority. Those that have found their physical place must also find their spiritual place. It is not enough to be in the physical place. You must also find the spiritual place. Find your place and you will find supernatural strength.

SCRIPTURE READING Matthew 11:12 And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force.

DEVOTION PRAYER: Thank you Jesus for my place in the kingdom. Help me understand my spiritual place that I may function with authority and supernatural strength.

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