Daily Devotion


A story is told of two frogs stuck in a mud pit on a wet day. The first frog is trying hard to get out of the place but every time it reaches out to get out of the hole, the other frog pulls it back into the hole. Sounds just like people today. One of the greatest influences we have in life are the people we associate with on a regular basis. These individuals not only influence us but literary aid us in making all kinds of decisions about life and where we are going. The right people around us will guide us in the right direction. The wrong people will take us astray and onto the wrong things. I can prophesy your destiny by watching your circle of friends.

The right people in our lives will not only aid us but they will also facilitate us towards destiny. The wrong people keep weighing you back and holding you down like a large weight. Have you tried swimming with a large weight tied to your ankle? Unless you get rid of that weight you will be drowning without a doubt. The same is true about having the wrong people around you. They are too heavy for you to keep dragging around and think you will get somewhere. We must deliberately ignore some people as we also deliberately take time to nurture and water the positive relationships we have.

SCRIPTURE READING: Proverbs 5:1-10 My son, pay attention to my wisdom; Lend your ear to my understanding, That you may preserve discretion, And your lips may keep knowledge. For the lips of an immoral woman drip honey, And her mouth [is] smoother than oil; But in the end she is bitter as wormwood, Sharp as a two-edged sword. Her feet go down to death, Her steps lay hold of hell. Lest you ponder [her] path of life— Her ways are unstable; You do not know [them.] Therefore hear me now, [my] children, And do not depart from the words of my mouth. Remove your way far from her, And do not go near the door of her house, Lest you give your honor to others, And your years to the cruel [one;] Lest aliens be filled with your wealth, And your labors [go] to the house of a foreigner;

DEVOTION PRAYER: Heavenly Father, thank you for sending the right people to guide me to my destiny in Jesus mighty name amen.

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