Daily Devotion


We have all gone shopping for one thing or another. Those that are seasoned at shopping will normally do some research to find what they need at the right price. If you are shopping for high value investments like real estate or vehicles, the price tag says a lot about what you are buying. Looking for a used vehicle that has several thousand miles and stories to tell will bring you into a certain price range. On the other hand if you want a brand-new showroom condition luxury car, you will have to go into a certain price range. What you are paying says a lot about what you are getting.

The same is true when it comes to destiny. What you are paying says a lot about what you are getting into. Do you find yourself having to dig in deeper and deeper each season? Do you see others taking it easy while you have to carry a load far greater than you want? Do you find that it takes you working much harder than the average guy? The truth is you are paying a steep price because you are getting greater value. You are getting a brand new luxury all utility vehicle, not a used rust bucket that will get you no where. That’s why you are paying a steep price. Cost equals value.

SCRIPTURE READING: Luke 15:4-9 “What man of you, having a hundred sheep, if he loses one of them, does not leave the ninety-nine in the wilderness, and go after the one which is lost until he finds it? And when he has found [it,] he lays [it] on his shoulders, rejoicing. And when he comes home, he calls together [his] friends and neighbors, saying to them, ‘Rejoice with me, for I have found my sheep which was lost!’ I say to you that likewise there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine just persons who need no repentance. “Or what woman, having ten silver coins, if she loses one coin, does not light a lamp, sweep the house, and search carefully until she finds [it?] And when she has found [it,] she calls [her] friends and neighbors together, saying, ‘Rejoice with me, for I have found the piece which I lost!’

DEVOTION PRAYER: Heavenly Father, in You I shall receive all that I lost. I believe you’re my rewarder in Jesus name amen.

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