Daily Devotion


The old hymnal *count your blessings* is one of my all time favourites. The words of the song encourage the believer to carefully look for the many blessings of God in their life. The more time and effort we give to this counting exercise the more we realise the many things God has been doing. This is so true with life in general. The things we look for are the things we find. If we take time to carefully number all that God has been doing in our lives, we shall be surprised how much God has done. Gratitude is an attitude that opens our eyes to the many blessings of God.

I encourage you to count the blessings of God in your life today. Examine the many areas of life, financial, spiritual, emotional, professional, educational, relational and look for the hand of God coming through on your behalf and you will be pleasantly surprised. Do it with an attitude of gratitude, thankful to God for His goodness and mercy in your life. Your eyes will be opened to see the many things God has already done for you. The Lord has done so much in your life but if you don’t take the time to be grateful and count His blessings, you will not see them all. Count your blessings and name them one by one. You will be surprised at what God has done.

SCRIPTURE READING: Psalms 34:8 Oh, taste and see that the LORD [is] good; Blessed [is] the man [who] trusts in Him!

DEVOTION PRAYER: Dear God, with a grateful heart I bless your name amen.

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