Daily Devotion


Gone are the days where you farmed the land and lived off the increase. Our world is made of dynamic financial systems which do have a lot of similarities with farming yet very different in many ways. In this financial systems you need to set yourself up financially to generate more income while managing your expenditures. Just like the farm, you will be sowing and reaping but the nitty gritty changes a lot. Since you are still on the planet for a while, you must set yourself up to financially thrive and keep up with your bills and lifestyle.

What are the things you are doing today that will set you up with a lifestyle of financial liberty for the next decade or so? Instead of spending your hard earned cash on luxuries and pleasures, you could set yourself up so you don’t have to work hard everyday just to keep food on the table and the landlord at bay. Businesses, investments, qualifications, real estate, inventions, stocks and bonds. There are many things you can sow into today that will give you a great harvest tomorrow.

While everyone is complaining about the current financial situations around the world, you can make the strategic move to secure your financial future by sowing into your tomorrow. Instead of consuming all you have today, you can make the move to leverage what you have today for your tomorrow. You can postpone that craving and desire to get that thing so you invest your hard earned cash into your tomorrow. Your future itself will thank you very much.

SCRIPTURE READING: Proverbs 27:23-24 Be diligent to know the state of your flocks, [And] attend to your herds; For riches [are] not forever, Nor does a crown [endure] to all generations.

DEVOTION PRAYER: My God, am grateful for your word. I choose to sow into my financial future, amen.

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